2010 hyundai santa fe
2010 hyundai santa fe
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gear transmession problem 2010

Date:September 7, 2010, 10:19 am
Name, Location:salim oman
Vehicle:Hyundai Santa Fe
General comments:the car is strong and developed and i like it if only there is no problem in speed transmession gear
What things have gone wrong with the car:MY CAR BLAT NO. IS B 90112\r\nENGIN NO :- G6DC9S523055\r\nSHASSI NO:- KMHSH81G9AU576834\r\nMY PHONE NO:- 0097892333903\r\n\r\nI have Santa fee 2010 3.5L, I bought the car from the showroom as a new car, after one month or less I noticed some abnormalities in the car when I start the engine presented by a strong push to the engine , when I toke the car to service center they tolled me this normal it well go by time, I believed them!!\r\nthen after some time it developed to the speed transmission box, presented by:- when I keep the shift in (D) or drive it well give strong double push to the engine, the I took the car to the service center they told me this is problem in the gear box or speed transmission box and i need some programming, I said thank God it will be fixed\r\nthe told me you must keep the car with us whole week, this was in the beginning of August 2010, I said no problem I will keep but the problem I don\'t have other car to use in this period, so in that week I struggled to much without car in order to get my car fixed\r\nThey called me by phone they told me your car is ready, so I went to bring my car in my mind it was ready, when I asked them did you fixed the car they told me fixed 100% \r\nthen in same day I took the car the problem appeared again and stronger than before \r\nI spoke to them again and I told them the problem didn\'t go , the told me it first time happening with us and the didn\'t give any solution tell now the keep to postpone me and telling me we are waiting for an expert to come and see your car ?????????\r\ntell when should I wait ??? \r\ntell my car be completely spoiled?? or tell how many years ???\r\nor they don\'t now how to fix it ???\r\n\r\n\r\nthank you
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September 10, 2010, 5:27 pm  from: Kate
My car is toyota opa and it behaves exactly the same as yours, i have been using it like that for the last one year cause whenever i go to garages too many lies cant believe anybody, but i was told the problem is with the gear box.
Was adviced to go to hurlingham shell petrol station there is a place called concord they seem to be very good as they have all the machines. Am yet to go there.
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