1999 Nissan Largo

1999 Nissan Largo
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Nissan Largo Problems
Transmission issue
1993, Sorta pulses as you are getting up to
speed and keeps leaking even with gasket
sealant e...
1997, idles a bit low when cold shes not to bad
but once warmed up 9out of 10 times you select...
1997 Nissan nlargo
1996, Hi our Nissan largo The management
light goes on when starting and as soon as you
put ...

1999 Nissan Largo specs

Largo was the model name used for a Nissan passenger van built over 2 different platforms from 1989 to 1998 in Japan and other markets. Most were 7 or 8 seater coaches and competed with the Toyota Tarago

Series 1 was produced until 1992 and resembled a well appointed and restyled Vanette C22. Available as 2-litre 4 cylinder petrol, diesel (LD20-II) or turbo diesel (LD20T-II), with optional full-time four wheel drive.

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Series 2 were upmarket versions of the Serena. They available with either a 2 or 2.4 litre petrol 4 cylinder, or turbo-diesel, with optional four wheel drive.

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