1997 nissan largo
1997 nissan largo
1997 nissan largo
1997 nissan largo
1997 nissan largo
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1997 Nissan Largo stalling problems

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Date:November 2, 2017, 4:07 pm
Name:kev raven
Location:United Kingdom, linconshire, horncastle
Vehicle:Nissan Largo
Problems:idles a bit low when cold shes not to bad but once warmed up 9out of 10 times you select drive or reverse she cuts out can you help
Previous car:primera
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December 10, 2017, 9:38 pm  from: Kev raven
Please help if you can runs great loads of pulling power idle a bit vibratie but cuts out 70 percent of the time when you select drive or reverse
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December 26, 2017, 10:54 am  from: Kevan
Hi kev Raven,
I am sure you will find, that your Gearbox... 'AT Fluid' Automatic Transmutation Fluid, will need to be chained it will be passed its replacement mileage date, (i.e., burned and loss of Viscosity), I used DEX 2 in mine, but you have to flush it twice, because the Fluid changed does not...Empty the Convertor, the piping too and from the Coolant Radiator and Radiator itself.... 'Warning'.... 'DO NOT RUN ENGINE TO EMPTY OLD AT FLUID', or you will have air pockets within your gear box, most largo owners have done this to empty in one sweep, only to have 'Whipped Creamed Fluid' and major problems...As a LARGO OWNER this solved mine
Just to add, Engine Management Light will reset itself after Start, drive few miles stop park, should go into 'Reset Mode.
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