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Used 2010 Mazda Demio Photos, 1300cc., Gasoline, FF, Automatic For Sale

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The Demio (also sold as the Mazda 121, Mazda Metro, Mazda2 and Ford Festiva Mini Wagon) was originally a small minivan or tall station wagon which debuted in 1996. Introduced in 2007, the third generation Demio earned the 2008 World Car Design of the Year title.

Used Mazda Demio


Used 2010 Mazda Demio Photos

Preview 2010 Mazda DemioPreview DemioPreview 2010 DemioPreview Mazda DemioPreview Mazda Demio
Preview Mazda DemioPreview Mazda DemioPreview Mazda DemioPreview Mazda DemioPreview Mazda Demio

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2010 Mazda Demio Photos

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Demio Troubleshooting
2004, the car hots up and stops in the midst of a
journey.howeverthe fan still works but was put
Engine vibrating when its moving
2005, engine vibrating when moving. but when its
stop it quite no vibration. could it be the top
engine ...
2008, I have a problem with the noise that the car
makes especially while slowing down. It sounds like

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Displacement, cc:1300
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$11900

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As of 2005, 892,000 Demios had been sold worldwide since introduction.[citation needed]

In the 1980s Ford approached Mazda to create a B-segment small car for it. This resulted in the introduction of the 1987 Ford Festiva. The same platform spawned the Autozam Revue in 1990, which Mazda sold as the 121 in most markets. Then the Festiva was redesigned in January 1993, still based on the same platform. Kia also built versions of the first and second Festiva, both for itself and for Ford's sale in the United States (Kia Pride and Kia Avella).

When it came to redesigning the Revue, Mazda came up with a tall hatchback, minivan-esque package (the Revue was already over 1500mm (59.1in) tall). Introduced in a time full of negative press coverage, the Demio became a surprise hit for Mazda in Japan, and also foreshadows the current crop of B-segment minivans such as the Opel Meriva, Fiat Idea and the Renault Modus.

The new 1996 Demio (sold as either the Demio or 121 outside Japan, or Metro in Australia) used the DW platform. Production started in July 1996. The Demio was updated for 2000 with a revised exterior, cabin air filtration, retuned automatic transmission, and available DSC due to a 2002 redesign. It was also sold in Japan as the Ford Festiva Mini Wagon.

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Used 2010 Mazda Demio For Sale, 1300cc., Gasoline, FF, Automatic.