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2001 Hyundai Galloper Pictures, 2.5l., Diesel, Manual For Sale

The Hyundai Galloper, also known as Galloper Exceed, Galloper Innovation and in Germany and Spain Mitsubishi Galloper is an SUV, built by Hyundai Precision & Ind. Co. between 1991 and 2003. It was a rebadged first generation Mitsubishi Pajero. The Galloper II, available in numerous international markets, was marketed and sold after 2003 as well. It is almost identical to the Mitsubishi Montero, a 5 passenger vehicle with additional seating for 2 in the back, increasing its capacity to a full 7 passenger vehicle. It is available in Gas-powered as well as turbo diesel models, as well as 4x4.

Used Hyundai Galloper


2001 Hyundai Galloper Pictures

Preview 2001 Hyundai GalloperPreview GalloperPreview 2001 GalloperPreview Hyundai GalloperPreview Hyundai Galloper

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2001 Hyundai Galloper Pictures

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2002, I have tried everywhere for the engine and was
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2001, Buenas. Se desprendio la via frontal derecha
y no la encuentro. Xomo puedo conseguirla. Ya lo ...

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Displacement, cc:2500
Fuel Type:Diesel
Approximate cost (price):$12187

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It was available with a 3-door body on a short wheel base (Innovation) or 5-door body on long wheel base (Exceed / Galloper II).

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Pictures 2001 Hyundai Galloper - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 2001 Hyundai Galloper For Sale, 2.5l., Diesel, Manual.