2010 renault megane
2010 renault megane
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renault imusic megane 2010

Date:May 16, 2010, 3:37 pm
Name, Location:s.jennings southampton
Vehicle:Renault Megane
General comments:When i purchased this car i was told it was a good car,it did 42 miles to the gallon which i thought was good. Unknown to me this was not correct .
I was also told there was no car for me to test drive which shold of sent out warning bells to me but i trusted the salesman at sewards portsmouth which was a bad mistake.
I would never go there again , we contacted Renault uk and they wanted nothing to do with it, after all they had our money .
What things have gone wrong with the car:where do i start, whenever it rains and you open the back door the rain goes onto the seats,Renault have admitted theres a fault.
Paid to have surelook put on paintwork that dosent work either.
The car is very uncomfortable to drive overall we wish we hadnt purchased this car.
Previous car:scenic

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