1997 mazda sentia
1997 mazda sentia
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Sentia Exclusive (Owner) 1997

Date:August 18, 2010, 11:21 am
Name, Location:John A. Gueizelar/ Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Vehicle:Mazda Sentia
General comments:The car is simply a treat to drive. I presented it to my wife three years ago for our wedding anniversary. It has not given us a reason to complain and my children enjoy it too, it is now a part of our family. Yes we have pretty steep winters here and being a rear wheel drive the Sentia has performed with excellence.
What things have gone wrong with the car:The (HOLD) sign has begun to flicker and diagnosis detected ( TRANCE RANGE SENSOR AND SELENOID) I understand it is something to do with the electric circuit or he valves/switches/fuse in the gear box of the car.Here where I live this car is only one of it's kind and spare parts are not available.

I sincerely rely on the assistance you could provide me with.

Thank you,

John & Tanya Gueizelar.
Previous car:BMW/ 750i.
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