1991 toyota supra
1991 toyota supra
1991 toyota supra
1991 toyota supra
1991 toyota supra
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1991 Toyota Supra lifter or crank bearing problems

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Date:June 21, 2011, 7:55 am
Name, Location:Blake A, N.C.
Vehicle:Toyota Supra
Modification:fix? / help
General comments:I need some advice or help ASAP.
Problems:I tend to have a ticking noise at the top at the engine of ny supra. Could it be a lifter or something? Need my car on the road but need to fix the noise first. And where can I get bolts for the turbo manifold so I won't lose pounds of boisterous for the turbo?
Previous car:1991 Toyota Supra w/ 7MGTE

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January 2, 2013, 5:09 am  from: patrick Tacoma wa
I also have a 91 Supra 7mgte mine would off and on make a noice in the top end ..the lifters did a oil change and it made it worse from what you have described and from my experiance it was my oil pump.also I have a 86.5 mk3 7mge that is my prodgect car right now I want to turbo it . ... hope this helps you or the next person that has problems
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