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Toyota Supra Problems: User-Reported Issues and Solutions

ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhoto
Trac off black smoke limpmode_mkiv A80 2jzgte tt.1993 Toyota Supra; None relitive to queryNesz
New Zealand, Auckland
Starting Problems1987 Toyota SupraBrian Smith
United States, New York, Vestal
drivers seat motor not workin1994 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Idel is up an down an it has no horespower at all1989 Toyota Supra
United States, Ohio, Dayton
Idel is up an down an it has no horespower at all1989 Toyota SupraSteven
United States, Ohio, Dayton
Smokey turbo1989 Toyota SupraStetson Payne
United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
will run but chokes it self out some times will not crank light on dash is on but dont know what it is1987 Toyota Supra
1 comment
terrie cooper
United States, Mississippi, Southaven
Timing1988 Toyota Supra; rebuilt engine an rebuilt head less than 500 milesChris
United States, Washington, Rochester
factory alarm1985 Toyota Supra; none
james san diego
toyota1989 Toyota Supraalvin
United States, ny, brooklyn
Turbo1987 Toyota Supra; New clutch stage 3 new head gasket hks new turboCT26 new radiator 3 raw new timing belt. Water pump and moreEFRAIN morales
United States, North Carolina, Raleigh
7mgte to 1jz?1991 Toyota Supra
Eddie 909
vacuum problem1988 Toyota Supramike
United States, Illinois, fults
Targa Top :(1987 Toyota Supra; Ford 302 V8Brian Miami
blue smoke coming out exhaust1988 Toyota Supra; nonebobby Hamilton
USA, Nebraska, papillion
High idle1986 Toyota SupraOscar San Diego california
battery dranning1989 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Supra Gear change noise1996 Toyota Supra; None
1 comment
New Zealand, Auckland, Hercules Drive
idle problems1987 Toyota Supra
Terrance Greensboro, Nc
drivers power seat1995 Toyota Supra; somegeorge Mercado
United States, Texas, San Antonio
nothing works1990 Toyota Supra; boost controller,intake
1 comment
United States, pa, philadelphia
Won't shift out of 1st gear1989 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Tyler abbotsford bc
crash1991 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Justin Jensen
United States, California, San Jose
Finding Fog Light Lense???1987 Toyota SupraCraig
United States, Ohio, Cleveland
transmisstion changes at 21, 42, 62 how can this be fixed1989 Toyota Supraronda gilland
United States, oklahoma, duncan
Faulty start up1988 Toyota Supra; Stock
1 comment
Dillon Edmonton
HELPPP!!!!!!!!1990 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Sonya Wheeler
United States, Washington, Gig Harbor
Lifter or crank bearing1991 Toyota Supra; fix? / help
1 comment
Blake A, N.C.
I NEED A MOTOR FOR MY 1990 SUPRA ITS TURBO!!!!!1990 Toyota Supra; Turbo chargedAaron Rife New paris Indiana
Speedometer not correct1988 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Joey California
Is tems worth it ??????1988 Toyota SupraVal from north carolina
Where Can I Get Brand New Hoses and How Much???1989 Toyota Supra; supra turbo MKIIIKevin Mount Holly
my supra1986 Toyota Supra; none all orig. with47000 milesr hart new jersey
handling problem1987 Toyota Supra; nonenigel m barrett-cross
United Kingdom, surrey, redhill
Speedometer repair.1989 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Tony Smith
United States, California, Oakland
looking for alot of parts1989 Toyota Supra
1 comment
bryan foster, akron ohio
erratic ideling1987 Toyota Supra; larger turbo and intercoolerkenny alexis
United States, Texas, Richardson
sport roof1987 Toyota Suprachad
United States, Virginia, Bracey
I need a speedometer cable1988 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Libby Johnson-Hartsville sc
starting hesitation1989 Toyota Supra; new engineryan bakersfield
smoke from the exhaust1989 Toyota Supra; turbokevin
United States, New Jersey, mount holly
trouble free car1985 Toyota Supra; nonejeff....seattle wa.
United States, Pennsylvania, Langhorne
no fuel or fire1988 Toyota Supra; nonesean
transmision adapters1992 Toyota Supra; chevy v8 to supra manualpaul
United States, kansas, topeka
supra boost problems1991 Toyota Supra; stockjunior el paso tx
buck repair1990 Toyota Supra; nothing motor wisebrandon new city
oil leak on cat. i got flames!!!!1983 Toyota Suprathe boss
United States, California, o-town
1989 Transmission1989 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Brad, South Carolina
low idling and little shaking1987 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Morgan , Reno, NV
spark plug1985 Toyota Supra
1 comment
manny , Evanston wyoming
88supra won\'t start everytime.1988 Toyota Supra; k&n air filter, itp head bolts, magnaflow exhaust with stock size pipe with no cat.
1 comment
88SupraTool, oregon
Leaning out under load1989 Toyota Supra; Lots, mega squirt
1 comment
Canada, Quebec, Montreal
need to find a dual pressure valve for the AC1989 Toyota Supra; NoneRobert Peck
United States, Iowa, Indianola
amber birdcage1994 Toyota Supra; liteacemermaid
New Zealand, Auckland
idle up and down1987 Toyota Supramarcos g
United States, North Carolina, High Point
Type of Supra1993 Toyota Supra; Don't Know yetSarim
Canada, Ontario, scarborough
not gettin fire1987 Toyota Supra; n/a to turbolj
United States, Virginia, Amelia Court House
crankshaft problem???1989 Toyota Supra; none
1 comment
Europe, Serbia, Bor
air conditioner1987 Toyota Suprageorge
United States, Florida, Jacksonville
air conditioner1987 Toyota Suprageorge
United States, Florida, Jacksonville
hELP1987 Toyota Supra; 7MGE - 7MGTECesar Chavez San jose, CA
warning light that looks like a dome or a filter?1987 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Luke m. Houston tx
Toyota Supra Turbo1987 Toyota Supraluis
rear diff1989 Toyota Supra; in process
1 comment
United States, Ohio, lexington
What the icons mean on the dash board.1990 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Robert Daugherty
United States, IL, 62881
Interior lights1989 Toyota SupraSouth Carolina
NEED HELP :(1988 Toyota SupraTrevor Thompson Puyallup WA
helllppp supra peple1994 Toyota Supra
1 comment
bianca australia
uneven tyre wear1998 Toyota Supraeve, dorset
Problem with gearbox Supra mk3 19871987 Toyota Supra
1 comment
Miroslav Serbia
new supra driver1994 Toyota Supra
1 comment
eric jimenez alberta canada
get me out of this hell!!!!1987 Toyota Supra; no
1 comment
rocker cover leaking? how to change it1993 Toyota Supra; none
1 comment
simon wales

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