1987 toyota supra
1987 toyota supra
1987 toyota supra
1987 toyota supra
1987 toyota supra
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1987 Toyota Supra handling problem

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Date:April 15, 2011, 1:40 pm
Name:nigel m barrett-cross
Location:United Kingdom, surrey, redhill
Vehicle:Toyota Supra
General comments:A lovely car -- loads of torque for long journeys but due to it's age ( 24 years ) needs a lot of catch-up maintenance to maintain roadworthy status - a real dream to drive when all is well!
Model 1987 MA70 -7MGTE Automatic
Had this car for 10 years .
Problems:from purchase: loose harmonic balancer -- repaired- overheating- leaking heater matrix+cylinder head overhaul- weld/skim due corrosion and leaking head gasket -leaking Turbo-suspension overhaul-change steering rack due wandering at speed- changed discs due warping --- bodywork due rusting -repaired.

NOW: rear of car lightly fishtailing and jumping to the right at low power/speed on a straight/dry road-NEED HELP PLEASE!-feels "wrong" on the road -r/h rear damper has extra bounce when depressed/released.good tyres.
Previous car:Audi GT5S Manual
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