1987 toyota supra
1987 toyota supra
1987 toyota supra
1987 toyota supra
1987 toyota supra
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1987 Toyota Supra low idling and little shaking problems

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Date:July 9, 2010, 10:32 pm
Name, Location:Morgan , Reno, NV
Vehicle:Toyota Supra
General comments:I just got this 87 supra and we rebuilt a 7mge engine for it with the works and we just put it in and the car is idling low and it has a lil shake to it there is no clunking or noice going on but we where thinking the timing was off on the car but we double checked that and it's not the we had to replace the tps (throtle postion sensor) and that helped but it still seems off. we are thinking it is the distrubtor but not sure yet any help guys
Previous car:87 toyota supra

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April 15, 2011, 2:23 pm  from: nigel m barrett-cross
Hi! the first thought is that you are suffering a misfire -check the plugs first-is one cracked?( check both the ceramic parts of the plug (outside and INSIDE-where it sparks) with a magnifying glass--I had one -VERY hard to see- the plug was tracking to earth -swap them round or change for a new/reliable one-one at a time? then check the leads and fitting on to the plug.
you'll know if you have a duff one by it's condition -wet?-not firing.
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