1988 toyota supra
1988 toyota supra
1988 toyota supra
1988 toyota supra
1988 toyota supra
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1988 Toyota Supra 88supra won\'t start everytime problems

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Date:June 16, 2010, 4:56 pm
Name, Location:88SupraTool, oregon
Vehicle:Toyota Supra
Modification:k&n air filter, itp head bolts, magnaflow exhaust with stock size pipe with no cat.
General comments:1988 supra 7mgte turbo A/T TT. towed behind rv its whole life, over 300,000 on odom.
Problems:my car starts almost everytime. but sometimes after driving it, then it sets for awhile, it won\'t start, and had to get jump started. it has a new battery, spark plug wires and plugs. \r\n another problem is it keeps going out of timeing.

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April 15, 2011, 3:05 pm  from: nigel m barrett-cross
After overhauling the cylinder head on my car it would not start at all -very worrying! then I found that the wiring UNDER the inlet manifold was not connected -a whole bunch of earth leads -- are they loose? you will need a good mirror and torch to find them-very much in the shadows --towards the rear of the manifold -throttle cable side.
after connecting she burst into life!
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