1993 toyota supra
1993 toyota supra
1993 toyota supra
1993 toyota supra
1993 toyota supra
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1993 Toyota Supra trac off black smoke limpmode_mkiv a80 2jzgte tt problems

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Date:June 6, 2017, 1:25 pm
Location:New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland
Vehicle:Toyota Supra
Modification:None relitive to query
General comments:Iv done all basics testing replacement upkeep repair diagnosics air oil turbo ceals cams battery belts pulleys fluids stearing fuel, sumps filters lines cooling afm map sensor dash lights connections button temperamental slipcount... Issue remains help plz
Problems:Trac control dash light flashing~slipcount off. Sometimes the o/d light also but rarely at same time as trac. Wont boost but turbos both spool fine rpm/km 2000 is the max or back pressure with cough of black smoke top speed of 80. In idle its not consistent needles constantly moving, help
Previous car:Mercedes-Benz
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