1989 toyota supra
1989 toyota supra
1989 toyota supra
1989 toyota supra
1989 toyota supra
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1989 Toyota Supra smokey turbo problems

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Date:June 4, 2013, 11:55 pm
Name:Stetson Payne
Location:United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa
Vehicle:Toyota Supra
Problems:Just bought the car earlier this month and have now trailer-ed it to my friend the turbo mechanic. The car will turn over and run like hell. However, very shortly after turning over there will be blue/white mix of smoke coming from the stock exhaust pipe that will be continuous. If you touch the gas pedal, and rev at all, the smoke from the exhaust becomes thick, and a very large amount of smoke comes from under the hood, particularly the turbo. It's driveable, but I don't want to try and drive the stanley steamer and end up tearing something up.

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