1990 toyota supra
1990 toyota supra
1990 toyota supra
1990 toyota supra
1990 toyota supra
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1990 Toyota Supra nothing works problems

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Date:November 1, 2011, 4:02 pm
Location:United States, pa, philadelphia
Vehicle:Toyota Supra
Modification:boost controller,intake
Problems:My car is dead no lights engine won't crank I put a new battery in my car and every things was fine. later that day I tried to start my car and nothing came on.

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February 12, 2012, 1:22 am  from: dooper
try to test your alternator
was the alternator light chargeing light on the dash board
did that come on? at any time?
has your alternator belt snapped?
or come off?
go check it
all thease r basic
it could be that your feild wire has fallen off the alternator
or the altnator charge light dash bulb has blown ......mind u they are usally wired in parrelel
which means the batt should still charge if this light has blownin the dash .
easy test for a alternator is
start car run it ok
put the pos and neg leads from a multimeter across the battery terminals ok
shuld read 13 volts
make sure u set the multimeter to volts reading ok !!!!!! not to the resistance reding mode
otherwise u will break the multimeter !!!most important ok
any ways
turn on lights heater fan
what u r doing here is putting a lot of load on the battery , ok the feild wire senses this
and will up the alternator output to match the load
(the electricasl current being drawn from the battety)
now the volts at the battery
should read ..14.5 ok
if it is less then 13 volts
then your alternator is U/S meaning unserviceable meaning .....get a new one
or replace or ovrhaul it ok.
brush kits and bearing kits and regulator and resistor repair kits can be obtained
fiddley and sometinmes hard work
for a battery to run down overnight means either a drain somewhere or your alt aint chargeing ...simples .....
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