1989 toyota supra
1989 toyota supra
1989 toyota supra
1989 toyota supra
1989 toyota supra
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1989 Toyota Supra won't shift out of 1st gear problems

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Date:October 30, 2011, 3:24 am
Name, Location:Tyler abbotsford bc
Vehicle:Toyota Supra
General comments:I bought a 1988 Toyota supra turbo targa top from a buddy with a 1989 motor and tranny. When motor ad tranny was pulled from previous supra, it worked fine, install in this one and will only go into park, reverse and only has first gear. You can put it into drive but won't shift outta 1st!!! My friend said may be a wire or vacume line. Or may Need a flush.
Can anybody help me????

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February 12, 2012, 1:11 am  from: dooper
alot u r asking there bud, for one , you have upgraded to a later engine and auto box, u have not metioned if they weere the same specification of engine and auto box.
You have said that it all worked fine this enigne in the older 88 car but when fitted in to a 89 car chassis , this is wen the faults arose.
SOOOOOOOO think..dude.....is the auto mechanisums compatable? are the cables the same?
are the cables to the throttle unit set correctly?
adjustment may be need ed on the link conectors .......
a digital multi meter are so cheep to obtain
buy one
and test the electrical circuits
not hard
to check continuity or volt or resistance
jack car up and support on blocks whilst atempting and adjustments
saves driving it
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