1999 rover 75
1999 rover 75
1999 rover 75
1999 rover 75
1999 rover 75
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1999 Rover 75 motor dies problems

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Date:July 3, 2010, 9:43 pm
Name:Monroe Richards
Location:Costa Rica, San Jose
Vehicle:Rover 75
General comments:acts as if fuel filter or fuel pump problem.
Problems:gasoline engine 2.5 automatic transmission, car dies at times going up and down hills. 1999 Rover Sedan 75. Seems to do this more when I have been driving for a longer period on cross country trips, but not always this is the case. It has done this as well when parked on a hill. After shutting off the motor and waiting a few minutes it will start and run fine only to do it again if going down a hill or up.
Previous car:ford

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