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Require main beign standrad set for mira custom daihatsu 2007 problems in Pakistan

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Date:February 19, 2012, 12:03 pm
Name:Mutahhir Anjum
Location:Pakistan, Islamabad, Islamabad
Vehicle:Daihatsu Mira
General comments:We really like this car and this car getting good market in Pakistan but only the problem is that customers are facing difficulties in finding parts of this car ..
Its really recommended that you lead this issue in Pakistan…
Problems:I have vehicle Mira 2007 Engine No: KF Daihatsu L275S Chase: L275S_0055764 purchased from Pakistan but import from Japan..
Currently I need your kind help to send me one part which I am unable to find from Pakistan.. Please see attached pictures …
This used under the engine called “Main Began Standard set” contain 6 + 8 = 14 (Parts). Part number was mentioned on one of the pec (D8H X ) ..
If possible please send tappet cover jane of vehicle engine…in case of any query please write back to me or you can call anytime on my cell number mentionded above …………
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April 20, 2012, 5:01 am  from: khan
My Dear Mutahir.. Let me correct you first. The parts you need are called 'Main and Big End Bearings' which are flat and curved soft bearings with oil grooves and holes aligned with drills in the crank shaft. You may not find it in market presently but a good engineering workshop can manufecture for you if you give them the sample. A good KHARAAD WALA man can also make these for you as they do it for camshaft bearings,exactly that way. Not a big issue.

Second part is not Tappet Cover Jane, it is Join kit. U can use Silicone alongwith the existing kit. Good Luck.
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