2003 nissan sunny
2003 nissan sunny
2003 nissan sunny
2003 nissan sunny
2003 nissan sunny
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2003 Nissan Sunny need help problems

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Date:November 3, 2021, 5:28 am
Name:Jordan Te Whaiti
Location:New Zealand, Manawatu, Foxton
Vehicle:Nissan Sunny
Modification:I having problems with my car not want to move when you push petal to go it dont move, but it work went it want to got or it like some get hot then it dont move, but the you can pull relays out for it put it in again then it work then. Went you get in the
General comments:Some help me out please, own car and cant drive it for long and then it feel like limp mode
Problems:Thorttle will not work ing,works went it want to work. It definitely electrical throttle body. I replace alot things to try and fix this problem, at the point of racking the car to be honest.
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