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ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhotoDate
The car moving slowly for a long time before it will peak up, it is automatic2000 Nissan Primera; NigeriaNmecha Udo
Nigeria, Abia, Umuahia
Sep 14, 2021
Losses Power2001 Nissan Primera; qr20trust
Zimbabwe, 30364 Entumbane, Bulawayo
Jul 7, 2021
engine check light2003 Nissan Primera; changed car bodymike dube
zimbabwe, Bulawayo
Mar 25, 2021
Heating1996 Nissan PrimeraKaren
New Zealand, Northland
Jun 19, 2020
Car Jerking2002 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Nigeria, Ondo, Akure
May 8, 2019
Engine goes off2000 Nissan PrimeraFelix
Nigeria, Delta, Warri
Feb 25, 2019
Car Jerking2002 Nissan Primera
Zimbabwe, Bulawayo
Apr 25, 2018
Surging1993 Nissan PrimeraKim
New Zealand, Waikato, Hamilton
Nov 12, 2017
No power to dash board or ignition1997 Nissan Primerashayla
New Zealand, Auckland
Jul 6, 2017
speed problem2001 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Memory Komaki
Zambia, kitwe
Apr 28, 2017
Nigeria, LAGOS, ipajaEcx
Nov 15, 2016
Speed2001 Nissan PrimeraVictorino Mateus
Mozambique, Single, Lichinga-Niassa
Oct 5, 2016
no power2002 Nissan Primera; primerajoshua chingombe
Zimbabwe, harare
Sep 29, 2016
gear box problem2000 Nissan Primera; auto transmission
1 comment
OMANI Sunday
Nigeria, Lagos, Ibadan
Aug 7, 2016
heater2002 Nissan Primeracherie
New Zealand, auckland
May 22, 2016
Why does the starter motor not start on my car?1995 Nissan PrimeraAundo Aitau
Papua New Guinea, National Capital, Port Moresby
Jun 30, 2014
reverse gear failure1998 Nissan Primera; sedan
1 comment
Usai Joshua
Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Harare
Apr 29, 2014
radio not working and whilst using indicators car judders2003 Nissan Primeraaaron brown
england, west yorkshire, leeds
Apr 10, 2014
Brake pad1997 Nissan PrimeraMohammad Nawab
Afghanistan, kabul
Dec 8, 2013
rave count2001 Nissan Primerasimbarashe maindidze
Zimbabwe, Mashonaland East, Harare
Nov 7, 2013
rave count2001 Nissan Primerasimbarashe maindidze
Zimbabwe, Mashonaland East, Harare
Nov 7, 2013
car problem2003 Nissan Primera; problemnorwin
Netherlands Antilles, Willemstad
Nov 2, 2013
Warning light2001 Nissan Primera
New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch
Oct 23, 2013
Rattling noise on reversing and starting the car2001 Nissan PrimeraLliona Mlauzi
Zimbabwe, Mashonaland East, Harare
Sep 2, 2013
Rear left light and indicator does not work2002 Nissan PrimeraMaggie
Ireland, Dublin, Lucan
Jul 23, 2013
Looking for Nissan Primera 2002 TRANSMISSION TOPTRONIC2002 Nissan Primera; PrimeraJOSEPH
Jul 13, 2013
not sparking1997 Nissan Primera; l/back
1 comment
atideku joseph
ghana, brong ahafo, sunyani
Jul 1, 2013
Ignation timing1998 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Nigeria, Kano
May 5, 2013
not starting hot1999 Nissan Primera; none
1 comment
randolph marine
Trinidad and Tobago, valencia, san grande
Apr 30, 2013
my car will not increase speed stays at the same speed all the time 20mph2004 Nissan Primera; none/primera
1 comment
Ireland, Dublin
Apr 28, 2013
electrical harnas2001 Nissan PrimeraBilly Fourie
Apr 23, 2013
strange noise1999 Nissan Primeraakano
nigeria, lagos
Apr 23, 2013
sliding car on roundabouts2003 Nissan Primera
1 comment
trevor davison
United Kingdom, durham, hartlepool
Apr 15, 2013
car wont start2001 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Zimbabwe, harare
Mar 21, 2013
Gear Not Firing2001 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Nigeria, Lagos, Akowonjo
Feb 4, 2013
idling problems2002 Nissan Primerageorge samuel
New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch
Jan 23, 2013
motor missing2002 Nissan Primera
1 comment
george samuel
New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch
Jan 19, 2013
electrial1998 Nissan Primeramark
Bahamas, New Providence, Nassau
Jan 14, 2013
Wont start2001 Nissan Primera
New Zealand, Timaru
Jan 13, 2013
Fan Belt1995 Nissan PrimeraBright Okata
Nigeria, Lagos, Ikeja
Jan 2, 2013
Electrical Problem2007 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Abraham Joseph Moshi
Tanzania, United Republic of, Dar es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam
Dec 31, 2012
won't reverse1991 Nissan Primeraneal
New Zealand, feilding
Nov 24, 2012
tail lights1998 Nissan Primeramoran
New Zealand, Tauranga
Nov 3, 2012
Difficult to accelerate engine in the morning untill it gets hot1995 Nissan PrimeraDotun ilusanmi
Nigeria, Lagos state, Lagos
Sep 14, 2012
transmition sometimes stuck in low when i sellect drive2001 Nissan Primera
lenox wade
United States, Florida, ocoee
Aug 9, 2012
Difficulty in getting parts2003 Nissan PrimeraMohammed Shehu tukur
Benin, Cotonou
Jul 10, 2012
tail light replacement1996 Nissan PrimeraPatrick
United Kingdom, Lamberhurst
Jul 5, 2012
engine check light coming on2001 Nissan Primeraishmael jeko
zimbabwe, midlands, gweru
Jun 18, 2012
heater motor2012 Nissan Primera; nonemead
United Kingdom, norhants, norhanptonshire
Jun 12, 2012
P11-144 1.62001 Nissan Primerageoff cole
United Kingdom, somerst, bristol
May 11, 2012
no headlights1998 Nissan Primeracraig
United Kingdom, devon, torquay
May 2, 2012
engine cut out1996 Nissan Primera
1 comment
mr rob
United Kingdom, surrey, london
Mar 16, 2012
Needing English Manual,for Japenese Interior GPS, incl use for basic item use.2001 Nissan Primera
Christine Powers
New Zealand, Auckland
Mar 11, 2012
Changing from a 1.8lt engine to a 2.0lt1996 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Sharon Smith
New Zealand, Auckland
Jan 21, 2012
Pictures car engine Bremara1994 Nissan Primera; Pictures car engine Bremarakameran
iraq, kirkuk
Jan 18, 2012
left side mirror and a driver window2004 Nissan PrimeraMuhire Mashaku
Burundi, Bujumbura
Jan 17, 2012
screem radio damaged2001 Nissan Primeraparpinto
Mozambique, Maputo
Jan 13, 2012
Gearbox problem(no drive) it always have this same problem2001 Nissan Primera
Zhangare Bright
Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Harare
Jan 12, 2012
Auto not changeing out of 2nd1990 Nissan Primera; NilKevin Stephens
New Zealand, Westport
Jan 8, 2012
starting problem2000 Nissan PrimeraSteven Hay
United Kingdom, Dundee City, Dundee
Dec 27, 2011
removing carradio2004 Nissan PrimeraTilakdharie
Suriname, Paramaribo
Dec 15, 2011
the engine starts and runs for 10 seconds and cuts2001 Nissan Primera
1 comment
alec gudo
Zimbabwe, gweru
Dec 10, 2011
check engine1994 Nissan Primeraaustine
Nigeria, edo, benin city
Nov 23, 2011
Nissan smokes1990 Nissan PrimeraSamson
Nigeria, Lagos, ketu
Oct 31, 2011
my car was altered the fuel system it was installed a peugot how can I restore it1993 Nissan PrimeraLloyd Munaki
Zimbabwe, Midlands, Gokwe
Oct 14, 2011
engine light2002 Nissan Primera; nonese love
Spain, Andalucia, Arroyo De La Miel
Sep 27, 2011
solving the problem2002 Nissan Primera; sedanBrian
Botswana, north, Francistown
Sep 19, 2011
When the AC is on RPM suddenly goes down1999 Nissan PrimeraRajeev
Sri Lanka, Central, Nawala
Aug 21, 2011
Transmission Erro2004 Nissan PrimeraChristian Asante
United States, Armed Forces Pacific, Apo
Aug 18, 2011
Oil Pressure Light coming On1997 Nissan PrimeraAdolf
Zimbabwe, Matabeleland, Bulawayo
Aug 4, 2011
front bumper1999 Nissan PrimeraNewton Sithole
zimbabwe, bulawayo
Jul 27, 2011
electrical fault2000 Nissan Primera
1 comment
duke preye
Nigeria, akwa ibom, uyo
Jul 23, 2011
Gear Not Selecting while on motion2007 Nissan Primera; T.Spec
1 comment
Alamu Adesina
Nigeria, Oyo, Ibadan
Jun 22, 2011
electrics2002 Nissan Primeras love
uk, middlesbrough, teeside
Jun 18, 2011
engine warning light2003 Nissan Primera; had to replace engine few weeks backmike sheehy
Ireland, na, Limerick
Jun 8, 2011
where is the throttle unit located on a 1996 primera1996 Nissan PrimeraKaren van leeuwen
England, Hampshire, Southampton
Jun 8, 2011
Air bag light2004 Nissan PrimeraJ.h.Verbiesen
New Zealand, Auckland
May 16, 2011
how to change the ignition(the whole one damaged by stolen)1996 Nissan Primera
New Zealand, Auckland
Mar 3, 2011
Brake and engine problem1998 Nissan PrimeraOkoye Festus
Nigeria, Texas, Houston
Feb 13, 2011
engine problem1993 Nissan Primera; p10
1 comment
Grenada, St. George
Feb 9, 2011
transmission2008 Nissan Primera
1 comment
k mullinger
United Kingdom, eye
Jan 2, 2011
mechaical1992 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Charles Amable
Ghana, Accra, Tema
Dec 9, 2010
belts(timing and the like)2002 Nissan Primerapeter rice
Ireland, Dublin
Dec 8, 2010
belts(timing and the like)2002 Nissan Primera
1 comment
peter rice
Ireland, Dublin
Dec 6, 2010
gasoline problem1999 Nissan Primerawalid barakat
Lebanon, Beyrouth, Beirut
Dec 6, 2010
Looking for engine cylinder head gasket, standard pistons, piston ring set(with one compression ring & oil control), big end bearings and mains1995 Nissan Primera; none
1 comment
L.Tapiwa Muwori
Botswana, South-East, Gaborone
Dec 6, 2010
Mechanical quierie1994 Nissan PrimeraCharlotte Hose
New Zealand, Waikato, Hamilton
Nov 27, 2010
Nissan Primera 200si1999 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Bongani Shoba
South Africa, KZN, Pinetown
Nov 25, 2010
what do i do2001 Nissan Primera; wagonjames
ghana, kumasi
Nov 14, 2010
suspension1998 Nissan Primera
1 comment
Sampson Kekesi Doh
Ghana, Greater Accra, Accra
Sep 16, 2010
Tail lights not working1993 Nissan Primera
1 comment
United States, Armed Forces Europe, Middle Ea, Apo
Sep 14, 2010
bamage front engine mount needs replacement1993 Nissan Primerajuliuscarbom
Dominica, Saint George, Roseau
Aug 18, 2010
screeching front left wheel1996 Nissan Primeramatheka
Kenya, Nairobi Area, Nairobi
Aug 13, 2010
Engine problem1994 Nissan PrimeraKenneth Siereh
Nigeria, Abuja, FCT
Jul 21, 2010
whilecar running time car is shaking and engine also off.1998 Nissan Primeraaddaikalam
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Jul 6, 2010
timinig and liking of water on the water pump1998 Nissan Primera; 1998Bakang Radipholo
Botswana, South-East, Palapye
Jun 14, 2010
engine vibrate when air cooler is on1991 Nissan Primeraibrar
Pakistan, punjab, attock
Apr 9, 2010
malfunctioning gear box1994 Nissan Primera; conversion from manual to auto transmissionEmeka Okeke
Nigeria, Abia, Aba
Apr 7, 2010
Throttling fails at 2 on the analogue indicator and starts jerking1999 Nissan Primera
Nigeria, Rivers, Port Harcourt
Mar 24, 2010
clucth slipping in 3and 5 gear1998 Nissan Primera; no
1 comment
United Kingdom, London, City of, London
Feb 28, 2010
half cup of water every day for driving arround the town1995 Nissan Primera; american spec
lagos nigeriaFeb 7, 2010
overheating1994 Nissan Primera; liftback
Ehi-Iyamu Osbert Valentine,Okoloma-Afam power station,River state, Ngeria,west Africa.Jan 18, 2010