1996 nissan avenir
1996 nissan avenir
1996 nissan avenir
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1996 Nissan Avenir radiator fan noe working problems

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Date:October 8, 2012, 7:23 am
Name:James Hughes
Location:New Zealand, Auckland, Auckland
Vehicle:Nissan Avenir
Problems:I have a W10 Nissan Avenir with the SR18DE and the radiator fan wont come on, when the car is up to temp the thermo switch reads 330 ohms with the car switched off, but when i turn the car on the resistance jumps to 940 ohms and keeps getting higher as the car gets hotter, the thermo switch was replaced by another person alittle while ago. The fan relay tested fine its just not getting the ground signal from the computer. when the sensor is unplugged the revs go up and the fan switches on, the fan also turns on when the wires are shorted to gether

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