Nissan Avenir Problems

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ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhotoDate
faulty parts1997 Nissan Avenir; E-W10charlie nisbett
Solomon Islands, Makira, Honiara
Aug 10, 2019
reversing issue1999 Nissan AvenirBill Andrews
New Zealand, North Island, Bay of Plenty
Dec 10, 2016
Radiator fan noe working1996 Nissan AvenirJames Hughes
New Zealand, Auckland
Oct 8, 2012
gearbox1997 Nissan Avenir
1 comment
seth stekkel
Suriname, Paramaribo
Aug 11, 2012
trying to remove flywheel bolts1999 Nissan Avenirlee
new zealand, bay of plenty, rotorua
Jun 4, 2012
transmission blown1996 Nissan AvenirRoger Hills
New Zealand, Sth Canturbury, Timaru
Oct 24, 2011
My Nissan Avenir is power with CVT autotransmission, the porplem is when the engin get hotter the car drops its speed so low, so can you tell me what is the problem with my car and what should i do to fix this problem? please1999 Nissan Avenir
1 comment
Setu Iese
Samoa, Apia
Sep 24, 2010
cv boots need replacing1998 Nissan AvenirHaley Brown
New Zealand, Wellington
Sep 6, 2010
Can not find spare parts1998 Nissan Avenir
Hillary D.J. Mrosso
Tanzania, Tanzania, Mwanza
Jun 15, 2010