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1998 Mazda Ford Telstar gear box problem

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Date:July 8, 2011, 4:24 am
Location:Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Vehicle:Mazda Ford Telstar
Problems:The Ford Telstar 1998 has an extra button at the side of the Gearbox handle which is called the ' Hold ' button. It is actually an overdrive button for overtaking onve the button is depressed.
The problem I am having is that while driving ( especially when I start my car in the morning when engine is cold )especially along the highway, the car suddenly goes to overdrive mode without me engaging the 'Overdrive button '
and the car goes into overdrive and the 'overdrive ' light is up in my display.
It will remain in overdrive for about 5 minutes and when I brake my car to a complete stop or switch off my engine after that , the 'overdrive ' goes of and the car is back to normal and remains normal. But it starts again if the engine is cold and for 5 minutes before it goes back to normal after breaking or switching off the engine.

Please advise as I have had the car scanned for problems & results show nothing is wrong and I also had a gear oil change.

Please advise.

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October 21, 2011, 7:42 am  from: VIKESH
check under the gearbox there is a sump cover..open the cover by untightning the bolts..there is a oil filter in there remove the black filter by untightning the bolts and clean with petrol..this should solve the problem..i have a telstar v6 that was doing the same thing due the oil filter..being stuffed..oil cannot circulate so it engages into the wrong gear mode..
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