1998 daihatsu terios
1998 daihatsu terios
1998 daihatsu terios
1998 daihatsu terios
1998 daihatsu terios
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1998 Daihatsu Terios rear drum brake rumble/vibration problems

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Date:December 16, 2010, 3:53 am
Name:ken hutton
Location:Australia, NSW, Sydney
Vehicle:Daihatsu Terios
General comments:the car is basically reliable,so far. but i do mantain it, regular service, etc.....
its good and easy to drive, as long as you dont push it too hard.
i wish they had more power up hills, need more torque,bigger motor. 1.6 should be.
also is rather heavy on petrol too, as the motor has to work so hard.
they look good still even in 2010.
Problems:my 98 model terios has had rear drum brake rumble on and off over the last 6 years i have owned it.
usually after driving about 1 hour,as the brakes heat up.
some times it does not happen for a month or 2.
new tyres, drums machined, brakes cleaned, new brake shoes.
but the noise always returns . no one knows how to fix it.
also lacks power up hills , ok on the motor way, even if only doing 110kph, but revs about 4000+ rpm. it is automatic, may have something to do with it.
it is ok going up steep hills if in low gear, going slowly.
Previous car:85 ford laser
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