Automotive Troubleshooting in Costa Rica

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ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhotoDate
Problemas con la bocina2009 Great Wall Safe
1 comment
Víctor Fernández
Costa Rica, San Jose
Oct 12, 2011
motor dies1999 Rover 75Monroe Richards
Costa Rica, San Jose
Jul 3, 2010
I don't get shock absorber1986 Nissan Laurel
Salvador Hernández
Costa Rica, Heredia
Jun 30, 2010
trasmision2002 Mitsubishi Pajero Junior
Manuel Rojas Costa RicaJan 31, 2010
plane head pistons to 20 (pistones a 20 cabeza plana)1990 Toyota Lite AceAdolfo Rodríguez Heredia, Costa RicaDec 19, 2009