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ComplaintDescriptionName and LocationPhotoDate
How do l resert my automatic gearbox2001 Chrysler Neon; noneOupa
South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
Jan 12, 2021
powersteering pump1999 Chrysler Grand Voyagersteve
United Kingdom, preston
Feb 13, 2014
under cooling2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser; nonejohn smith
United States, south carolina, williamston
Oct 23, 2013
car problem1996 Chrysler Visionaneke sylvester
Nigeria, enugu
Oct 1, 2013
engine warning light2002 Chrysler VoyagerSteve BAurrows-Pym
Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Bascharage
Jun 19, 2012
i got problem on my engine1997 Chrysler Neon; 1997Femi Oyeyipo
Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja
Feb 26, 2012
Chrysler Grand Voyager1993 Chrysler Grand VoyagerEli Lazarova Sladic
Croatia, Grad Zagreb, Zagreb
Jan 21, 2012
wiring1998 Chrysler Stratus; cabrio
ben renfurm
Suriname, Paramaribo
Aug 24, 2011
Transmission2001 Chrysler VoyagerSteven Mambelli
United States, New York, Beacon
Jun 12, 2011
cooling system1998 Chrysler Neonnader mostafa
Egypt, giza
Jan 26, 2011
I want to buy.1995 Chrysler Stratus
1 comment
Chrysler stratus LX
Benin, Cotonou, Akpakpa
Jan 19, 2011
not fireing1997 Chrysler Neondonna porter
United Kingdom, Surrey, Guildford
Sep 18, 2010
engine warning light comes on2003 Chrysler Voyagerbob
Australia, Queensland, townsville
Aug 7, 2010
computer burn up after shop replace plug1999 Chrysler 300Mwill reed
United States, Georgia, Augusta
Aug 7, 2010
leaking anti-freeze2003 Chrysler Intrepiddanilo bernardo
Canada, Ontario, Scarborough
Jul 16, 2010
Just quits2000 Chrysler IntrepidScott MacDonell
Canada, Ontario, Cornwall
May 31, 2010
engine warning light2001 Chrysler Voyagertom lohmann
United States, Ohio, Toledo
May 16, 2010
transmissioncomesoutofhightonuetral1995 Chrysler Stratusdonnywilkins
United States, alabama, wetumpka
Apr 21, 2010
Multiple ongoing issues2004 Chrysler Sebring; 4 doorMarshall Anderson
United States, Michigan, Lansing
Mar 13, 2010
Automatic Gear Shifting problem1990 Chrysler SaratogaMortadha / Iraq - BaghdadDec 12, 2009