The History Of BMW 525

The BMW 5 Series is a mid-size luxury car / executive car manufactured by BMW since 1972. The car, now in its fifth generation, is sold in sedan and touring body styles. On January 29, 2008, the 5 millionth 5 series, a 530d sedan in Carbon Black Metallic, was manufactured.

Competitors to the BMW 5 Series include the Infiniti G, Audi A6, Lexus GS, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and Cadillac STS.[citation needed]

The 5 Series got its name by being the fifth of the "new series" cars after the V-8 and Isetta era. The preceding models were the 700, the "New Class", the "New Six" 2500/ 2800/ Bavaria and the CS. The 5 Series was intended to replace the older New Six sedans.

The body was styled by Marcello Gandini, based on the Bertone 1970 BMW Garmisch 2002ti Geneva show car. Gandini also did the Fiat 132 and Alfa Romeo Alfetta, two other cars that have a similar design.

There have been five generations of the 5 Series to date. To differentiate between them, they are referred to by their unique chassis numbers (EXX).

The 5 Series began the BMW tradition of being named with a three-digit number. The first digit (5 in this case) represents the model, and the following two digits (usually) represent the size of the engine in decilitres, which is the main distinguishing difference. Additional letters or words may be added to the end of the three-digit number to define the fuel type (petrol or diesel), engine or transmission details, and the body style. The 'i' originally stood for (fuel) 'injection'.

See also BMW E12 for more information

The BMW E12 was the first 5 Series BMW made. The following models were produced in this series:

  • Non-US
    • 1974 518 - 1.8L M118 I4
    • 1976 518 - 1.8L M42 I4
    • 1980 518 - 1.8L M10B18 I4
    • 1972 520 - 2.0L M17 I4, 115hp (86kW; 117PS)
    • 1972 520i - 2.0L M64 fuel injected I4, 125hp (93kW; 127PS)
    • 1973 525i - 2.5L I6
    • 1975 528i - 2.8L I6
    • 1975 530i - 3.0L I6, 176hp (131kW; 178PS)
    • 1976 530 Motorsport Limited Edition - 3.0L I6, 200hp (149kW; 203PS)
    • 1979 M535i - 3.5L I6, 218hp (163kW; 221PS)
  • US
    • 1975-1978 530i - 3.0L I6, 176hp (131kW; 178PS)
    • 1979-1981 528i - 2.8L I6, 169hp (126kW; 171PS)

The 1.8 L engines and the 2.0 L fuel injected engines were exclusive to Germany until the 1980s. The South African models were 525i, 528i and 530i.

See also BMW E28 for more information

The BMW E28 was the second BMW 5 Series, a stylistic evolution of the E12.

The following models were sold in Europe:

  • 518/ 518i- 1.8L M10B18
  • 520i - 2.0L M20B20 I6
  • 524d - 2.4L M21 diesel I6
  • 524td - 2.4L M21 turbodiesel I6
  • 525i - 2.5L M30B25 I6
  • 525e - 2.7L M20B27 I6
  • 528i - 2.8L M30B28 I6
  • 530i - 3.0L M30B30 I6
  • 535i/ M535i - 3.4L M30B34 I6
  • M5 - M88 I6, 286PS (210kW; 282hp)
High performance 5 Series - 24-valve DOHC, I6, six throttle bodies, Bosch Motronic integrated fuel injection. At its launch in 1984, the European specification E28 M5 was the fastest production sedan in the world.

The following models were sold in America:

  • 524td - 2.4L M21 turbodiesel I6, 114hp (85kW; 116PS)
  • 528e - 2.7L M20B27 I6, 121hp (90kW; 123PS)
Designed for fuel efficiency
  • 533i - 3.2L M30B33 I6, 182hp (136kW; 185PS)
High revving power
  • 535i - 3.4L M30B34 I6, 182hp (136kW; 185PS)
A 533i bored to produce more torque and equal power
  • 535is - 3.4L M30B34 I6, 182hp (136kW)
A 535i with a sport suspension interior modifications
  • M5 - 3.4L S38B35 I6, 256hp (191kW; 260PS)
High performance 5 Series - 24 valve DOHC, I6, six throttle bodies, Bosch Motronic integrated fuel injection, available only in black in the US.

Visible changes to this model included revised headlights, Thicker rubber bumper surrounds and large rectangular taillights. The shape was more box shaped than rounded at the rear.

See also BMW E34 for more information

The third generation 5 Series earned awards for safety and reliability and was considered one of the most elegant shapes of its time.


  • Non-US
    • 1989–1994 BMW 518i - 1.8L M40B18 I4 115hp (86kW; 117PS)
    • 1994–1996 BMW 518i - 1.8L M43B18 I4 115hp (86kW; 117PS)
    • 1995–1996 BMW 518g (CNG) Touring - 1.8L M43B18 I4
    • 1987–1990 BMW 520i - 2.0L M20B20 I6 129hp (96kW; 131PS)
    • 1987–1990 BMW 520i ECE - 2.0L M20B20 I6 129hp (96kW; 131PS) higher compression than non ECE
    • 1990–1996 BMW 520i - 2.0L M50B20 I6 150hp (112kW; 152PS)
    • 1988-1991 BMW 524td - 2.4L M21 I6 diesel
    • 1993-1995 BMW 525td - 2.5L M51D25 UL I6 115hp (86kW; 117PS) diesel
    • 1991-1995 BMW 525tds - 2.5L M51D25 OL I6 143hp (107kW; 145PS) diesel
    • 1987–1990 BMW 525i - 2.5L M20B25 I6 170hp (127kW; 172PS)
    • 1990–1996 BMW 525i - 2.5L M50B25 I6 192hp (143kW; 195PS)
    • 1990–1996 BMW 525iX - 2.5L M50B25 I6 192hp (143kW; 195PS) Very rare
    • 1988–1990 BMW 530i - 3.0L M30B30 I6 185hp (138kW; 188PS)
    • 1992–1996 BMW 530i - 3.0L M60B30 V8 218hp (163kW; 221PS)
    • 1987–1993 BMW 535i - 3.5L M30B35 I6 211hp (157kW; 214PS)
    • 1992–1996 BMW 540i - 4.0L M60B40 V8 286hp (213kW; 290PS)
    • 1990–1993 BMW M5 - 3.6L S38B36 I6, 315hp (235kW; 319PS)
    • 1994–1996 BMW M5 - 3.8L S38B38 I6, 340hp (254kW; 345PS)
  • US
    • 1989–1990 BMW 525i - 2.5L M20B25 I6
    • 1989–1993 BMW 535i - 3.5L M30B35 I6
    • 1991–1993 BMW M5 - 3.6L S38B36 I6, 310hp (231kW; 314PS)
    • 1991–1995 BMW 525i - 2.5L M50B25 I6
    • 1994–1995 BMW 530i - 3.0L M60B30 V8
    • 1994–1995 BMW 540i - 4.0L M60B40 V8
See also BMW E39 for more information

The BMW E39 was one of BMW's most successful cars, with several different models. These included:

  • 1996–2000 520i - 2.0L M52B20 I6, 110kW (150PS; 148hp)
  • 2000–2003 520i - 2.2L M54B22 I6, 127kW (173PS; 170hp)
  • 1996–2000 523i - 2.5L M52B25 I6, 125kW (170PS; 168hp)
  • 2000–2003 525i - 2.5L M54B25 I6, 137kW (186PS; 184hp)
  • 1996–1999 528i - 2.8L M52B28 I6, 144kW (196PS; 193hp)
  • 1999–2000 528i - 2.8L M52B28 TU I6, 144kW (196PS; 193hp)
  • 2000–2003 530i - 3.0L M54B30 I6, 172kW (234PS; 231hp)
  • 1996–2003 535i - 3.5L M62B35 V8, 183kW (249PS; 245hp)
  • 1996–1998 540i - 4.4L M62B44 V8, 213kW (290PS; 286hp)
  • 1998–2003 540i - 4.4L M62TUB44 V8, 216kW (294PS; 290hp)
  • 1998–2003 M5 - 4.9L S62 V8, 298kW (405PS; 400hp)
  • 2000-2003 520d - 2.0L M47D20 diesel I4 100kW (136PS; 134hp)
  • 2000-2003 525d - 2.5L M57D25 diesel I6120 kW
  • 1997-2000 525td - 2.5L M51D25TU UL diesel I6 85& kW
  • 1996-2000 525tds - 2.5L M51D25TU OL diesel I6 105kW (143PS; 141hp)
  • 1998-2000 530d - 3.0L M57D30 diesel I6 135kW (184PS; 181hp)
  • 2000-2003 530d - 3.0L M57D30 diesel I6 142kW (193PS; 190hp)

The BMW M57 type Engine is a straight-6 Diesel produced from 1998. It won the "2.5-3 L" category of the International Engine of the Year award for 1999 through 2002. The updated twin-turbocharger version won that same award in 2005. The 2.5 L (2497 cc/ 152 in³) M57D25 was the smallest member of the family. It produced 120 kW (161 hp) at 4000 rpm and 350 N·m (258 lb·ft) at 2000-2500 rpm with a 4750 rpm redline. Application: 525D

In US:

  • 1997–2000 528i - 2.8L M52B28 I6, 193hp (144kW; 196PS)
  • 1997–1998 540i - 4.4L M62B44 V8, 282hp (210kW; 286PS)
  • 2001–2003 525i - 2.5L M54B25 I6, 184hp (137kW; 187PS)
  • 2001–2003 530i - 3.0L M54B30 I6, 225hp (168kW; 228PS)
  • 1998–2003 540i - 4.4L M62TUB44 V8, 282hp (210kW; 286PS)
  • 2000–2003 M5 - 5.0L S62 V8, 394hp (294kW; 399PS)

This car has been widely praised in all aspects; many say it is the best BMW in the world.[citation needed] Consumer Reports gave the 2001 530i its highest car rating ever. The diesel engines available in the European models provide great torque and smoothness with better economy. The M5 has been called "the ultimate in discreet speed" with 369 lbf·ft (500 N·m) of torque and a 0–60mph time of 4.8 s. The only downside was its smallish cabin and tiny trunk space of 11.1 ft³ (314 L) - for a car of the 5 Series' size not to be able to fit a set of golf clubs was regarded as inexcusable.

The very first E39 BMW 5 Series rolled off the assembly line in February, 1995.

See also BMW E60 for more information

The BMW E60 is the current BMW 5 Series. Its Chris Bangle-designed styling and many of its advanced features received mixed reviews. The E60 represents a significant step forward in technology over previous models. With complete electronic control over all aspects of the vehicle from the suspension, to brightness of interior lights, to different temperature zones within the cabin. The vehicle is also equipped with an array of safety features from adaptive headlights to Hill start assist, and is also equipped with a Trailer Stability Program to aid when towing a large trailer or caravan.

It is available in both sedan and wagon versions and has the following models:

  • 2006- 520d - 2.0L (1995cc) diesel I4, 120kW (163PS; 161hp)
  • 2003-2005 520i - 2.2L (2171cc) I6, 125kW (170PS; 168hp)
  • 2007- 520i - 2.0L (1995cc) I4, 125kW (170PS; 168hp)
  • 2004-2007 523i - 2.5L (2497cc) I6, 130kW (177PS; 174hp)
  • 2007- 523i - 2.5L (2497cc) I6, 140kW (190PS; 188hp)
  • 2004-2007 525i/ xi - 2.5L (2497cc) I6, 160kW (218PS; 215hp)
  • 2007- 525i/ xi - 3.0L (2996cc) I6, 160kW (218PS; 215hp)
  • 2004-2007 530i/ xi - 3.0L (2979cc) I6, 190kW (258PS; 255hp)
  • 2004-2007 530d/ xd - 3.0L (2993cc) diesel I6, 175kW (238PS; 235hp) and 500N·m (370ft·lbf)
  • 2004- 535d - 3.0L (2993cc) diesel I6, 200kW (272PS; 268hp) and 413ft·lbf (560N·m) (compression ratio: 16.5:1)
  • 2006- M5 - 5.0L S85 V10, 373kW (507PS; 500hp)

In US:

  • 2004-2005 525i - 2.5L M54B25 I6, 184hp (137kW; 187PS)
  • 2004-2005 530i - 3.0L M54B30 I6, 225hp (168kW; 228PS)
  • 2004-2005 545i - 4.4L N62B44 V8, 325hp (242kW; 330PS)
  • 2006-2007 525i/ xi - 3.0L N52B30 I6, 215hp (160kW; 218PS)
  • 2006-2007 530i/ xi - 3.0L N52B30 I6, 255hp (190kW; 259PS)
  • 2006- 550i - 4.8L N62B48 V8, 360hp (268kW; 365PS)
  • 2008- 528i/ xi - 3.0L N52B30 I6, 230hp (172kW; 233PS)
  • 2008- 535i/ xi - 3.0L N54B30 twin-turbo I6, 300hp (224kW; 304PS)
  • 2006- M5 - 5.0L S85 V10, 373kW (507PS; 500hp)

Four-wheel drive is now an option on the 5 Series for the first time since the E34 in 1996. The xDrive system is shared with the X3 and X5. 2006-2008 Models, following the company's naming scheme, will be the 525xi, 528xi, 530xi and 535xi. For 2009 onwards, the they will be badged 528i xDrive and 535i xDrive.

Refreshed 5-Series update (January 2007)

The updated E60/ E61 5-Series was unveiled on January 8, 2007. Updates include new front and rear bumpers, restyled front headlights and restyled taillights with LED technology. A refreshed interior is also presented featuring the new shifter from the new X5, and the addition of the new BMW Drive-By-Wire system.

The 2008 model, of the 520i, has a new engine: a 2.0 litres 4 cylinders instead of the R6 2.2 litres. High compression and new piezo injector technology keeps the performance on 170bhp/ 210 nm, but betters the fuel economy. BMW is considering bringing its diesel powered models to the United States in late 2008.

BMW also launched a new M5 Touring into their range, but this will not be introduced in the USA.

The E39 5 Series was on Car and Driver magazine's annual Ten Best list for six years straight, from its introduction in 1997 through 2002. It was also Motor Trend's Import Car of the Year for 1997 and What Car? Executive Car of the Year 1997 through 2002. The E60 was named "Best New Luxury / Prestige Car" in the 2006 Canadian Car of the Year awards. Active Seat continuous passive motion seating comfort technology recognized as one of the Best Inventions of 1998 by Popular Science magazine. Consumer Reports found the E39 5 series their best car tested in 2001-2002.

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