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The Peugeot 406 is a large family car from the French automaker Peugeot from 1995 to 2004. Available in sedan, station wagon and coupé bodystyles with a choice of gasoline or turbodiesel engines, the 406 replaced the Peugeot 405 in Peugeot's lineup, and was itself replaced by the Peugeot 407. It used the same platform as the Citroën Xantia, though without that car's sophisticated hydropneumatic suspension system.

The diesel versions were very popular, and the 406 became one of Europe's best-selling diesel-powered cars.[citation needed] Initially, the car was available with 1.8 L and 2.0 L petrol and 1.9 L turbodiesel engines, followed by a 110 bhp 2.1 L turbodiesel, turbocharged 2.0 L and 3.0 L petrol V6 engines. The 2-door coupé was both designed and built by Italian designer Pininfarina, with choices of a 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine or a 3.0 L V6, and from 2001, a 2.2 L HDi diesel engine.

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The 406 was notably successful in the UK. It broke into the key UK fleet sales market, with 90 percent of units becoming company cars.[citation needed]

The Facelifted 406 sedan was introduced in 1999 and it has changed in many aspects from the other 406 to make it safer, stronger and faster. The changes include the new and improved EW/ DW Engine Family which involves more power and fuel efficiency. Other parts have been changed such as transmission (ratio in fifth increased from 25 to 28 mph/ 1000rpm), wheels, suspension and brakes. On the exterior, the 406 got a whole new elegant look with more pronounced ribs, totally smooth glass headlights and a new honeycomb grill. The interior has been totally redesigned to create comfort and space as well as a new look. 406 ended production in 2004.

The 406 sedan was featured in the French Taxi movie series. In Taxi the 406 has a modified 3.0 V6 capable of tremendous speed and a pop-out front and rear spoiler. In Taxi 2 the car was the facelifted 406 which also had pop-out spoilers and wings to aid aerial movement, such as when the car "jumps" over French army tanks trying to block its escape. In the movie it is capable of reaching a topspeed of 306 km/ h. In Taxi 3, the 406 is further upgraded to be able to travel in icy terrain. The fourth movie Taxi 4 features a 407 instead which sounds like it has a tuned V8 under its hood. More gadgets and pop-out spoilers were added.

A Peugeot 406 also featured heavily in the 1998 action film Ronin. The car was driven in the final car chase throughout the streets of Paris by the main protagonists, Robert de Niro and Jean Reno.

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