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Nissan Expert Problems
My car star when hi wants
2011, I change the engine from the same other
carand change the engine after the car began to
Diesel pump
2001, the electrical diesel pump doesn´t
work,it seens to be the pump computer ,i nned i...
Engine oil light
2007, The engine oil light comes on when the
engine is warm after pressing the brakes like

2003 Nissan Expert specs

The Nissan Avenir is a line of station wagons beginning production in 1990 by Nissan of Japan, aimed primarily at the commercial market. It replaced the long-serving Nissan Bluebird wagon.

It was initially a station wagon version of the Nissan Primera, but was eventually spun off into its own line in 1998. The nameplate was seen in Japan, New Zealand, Russia and other countries importing used JDM cars.

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It has a lower budget version - the Nissan Expert which is still in production.

The W10 Avenir was initially available with either the 1.8 L SR18i or 2.0 L SR20DE in FWD or a 2.0 L SR20DE in 4WD ATTESA configuration. The FWD was available with either a 4 speed automatic transmission or a 5 speed manual, the 4WD only with the automatic. A 2.0 L Turbo-Diesel was added to the range and the 1.8 L SR18i models were given the better 1.8 L SR18DE with electronic gasoline injection in 1993.

A turbocharged model badged Salut GT turbo was introduced in 1995, this came with a 210 PS version of the SR20DET and was available only in 4WD with the automatic transmission.

The W11 model was introduced in 1998. Initially available with the 1.8 L QG18DE, 2.0 L SR20DE, 2.0 L SR20DET or the 2.0 L CD20ET Turbo-diesel. The QG18DE models were FWD only and available with either a 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual transmission, the SR20DE models were an FWD manual or CVT transmission, the 4WD continued to be conventional automatic only. Once more the turbocharged 2.0 L SR20DET variants were available only in 4WD with the conventional 4 speed automatic. The power output of the turbo version increased to 230 PS.

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