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Great Wall Motor Company Limited (simplified Chinese: 长城汽车; traditional Chinese: 長城汽車; pinyin: Cháng Chéng Qì Chē) (SEHK: 2333), sometimes abbreviated as GWM or GW, is the largest privately owned automotive manufacturer in China.

The Great Wall Motor Company is the first privately owned auto company of China listed on the Hong Kong stock market and has obtained HK$1.7 billion of financial investment. After more than 10 years of rapid growth, GWM has accumulated enormous economic capacity, becoming the number one taxpayer consecutively for three years in the City of Baoding. It is among “the Top 500 Enterprises of China in 2004" and one of the best brands in national automobile industry. GWM took its first step to become a truly global company by exporting CUVs to the competitive European market in September 2006. GWM already sells cars in about 60 (mostly developing) countries and exports account for about a third of the company's sales.

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Great Wall Motor specializes in large size vehicle models, ranging from CUVs through SUVs to full-sized Pick-ups.


  • Great Wall Hover


  • Great Wall Safe
  • Great Wall Sing
  • Great Wall Pegasus


  • Great Wall Wingle
  • Great Wall Sailor
  • Great Wall Socool
  • Great Wall Deer

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  • Great Wall Peri

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  • Great Wall Cowry

Great Wall Motor main manufacturing location is in Baoding, China. The total area of the facility is 1,800,000.00m2 and can currently produce up to 300,000 units per year. In 2007 the total production capacity is to reach 400,000 units per year.

On 23 August 2007 in Ukraine opened a new manufacturing facility on KrASZ.

It is believed that Great Wall Motor will open an overseas manufacturing location. As of September 2006, it is believed that GWM has some near-future plans on opening a new manufacturing facility in Tatarstan, Russia, in a special economic zone .

The Iran motor company Diar also produce Great Wall models under license in Iran.

The Great Wall Hover was the first Chinese car to be mass exported to Western Europe in 2006, when 30,000 units where shipped to Italy. Apart from selling cars in Western Europe, Great Wall Motor has had sales in 108 countries throughout the world.

In May 2006, 660 Great Wall Deer pick-ups arrived in Cuba, as replacements for the older ZIL 130 and 131, GAZ, KAMAZ as well as other old trucks and vehicles in Havana´s Electric Company . The ceremony included a special Hover as a gift to Fidel Castro.

Great Wall Motor also entered the Peruvian market in 2006, and sells both the Great Wall Safe and the Great Wall Hover in "Zona Motors" stores throughout Lima.

In December 2006 Fiat claimed that Great Wall's new A-segment Peri (called Jing Ling in China) is a copy of Fiat's popular second-generation Panda.

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