2000 BMW 320

2000 BMW 320
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320 Troubleshooting
320d se clutch problems
2000, wheni put the clutch down while engine is
in ignition and running the clutch pedal will ...
1995, fan belt damage...

Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds:Automatic
Price (out of date):$14200

2000 BMW 320 specs, Transmission Gearbox Automatic

The BMW 320 was a saloon car manufactured by BMW from 1937 to 1938. It replaced the 319-based BMW 329.

The 320 was built on a shortened BMW 326 chassis and used a 326 engine with a single carburettor and an output of 45hp (34kW). The suspension, which was carried over from the 329, consisted of an independent front suspension with a high-mounted transverse leaf spring acting as upper control arms and a conventional live axle on semi-elliptic springs at the rear.

The 320 was replaced by the BMW 321 in 1938.

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