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Old 07-05-2008, 07:40 AM
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Default Troopers

This is for all Isuzu Troopers. Anything and everything for Isuzu Troopers.
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Old 01-14-2010, 03:48 PM
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Dont suppose you know if they do isuzu bighorn parts aswell do you?
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Old 10-27-2014, 04:17 PM
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Default 98' Heater Core replacement

This one may get more as they blow up but I figured I would start it off.

First is a question that has been answered incorrectly other places. It 'IS' possible to replace the heater core without disconnecting the AC lines (not easy but possible). I am going by memory so it is incomplete. If, like me, you have a core with the plastic\resin tube connectors it is most likely broken and can not be fixed. Get an all aluminum core to replace it (not sure what years have which but mine was a '98 and the junk yard pulled an all aluminum)

NOTICE: Always disconnect battery FIRST THING!

1) Remove center console cover (4 screws and screw off 4wd knob)
2) Remove stereo/ climate control bezel ( two screws at top and snap straight out)
3) Remove glove box (two screws at bottom then slide bumpers towards back and tilt sideways)
4) Remove side kick panels on both sides(snaps straight off).
5) Remove glove box and driver bottom dash panels. (First remove hood latch then pull out the push connector next to door on each then various screws or nuts )
6) Remove metal supports behind each of these panels. (easy to spot bolts or nuts
7) Remove Defroster vent (snaps straight up but breaks real easy)

8) Disconnect wiring harness on passenger and driver sides (those big bundles about ankle to knee height all wires including the stereo antenna that has a union next to the harness)
9) Disconnect airbag on passenger side.
10) Remove screws from climate control (4 screws)
11) Remove dashboard display cover taking care to disconnect wires from switches. (few screws)

12) Remove dash screws and bolts (three at top and a few more along bottom)
13) Pull out dash while tilting climate control sideways to slide through opening (can be done but takes some manipulating)
14) Remove connectors at dash center console bottom and ground wire located on passenger side. Then slip out of 90 degree elbow (tape is cut then snaps open)
15) Remove radio or disconnect wires in back.
16) Remove center dash console (2 screws on both sides and bracket screws at top)
17) Remove screws holding defrost vent (top each side)
18) Remove center bracket.
19) Remove hoses from old heater core. Using long pliers remove clamps on hoses at top to access bottom clamps and slide/pry off hoses. (hard to reach and some recommended extra long pliers)
20) Remove screw holding lower driver side vent (next to gas pedal) and remove vent
21) Remove all screws/nuts holding heater core and AC core boxes to firewall. (don't miss the ones on the bottom too)
22) Pull the heater core box towards seats (angle the driver side more than the passenger side) and then towards driver side to remove from mounting. (The reason to take screws out of AC box is so that it can pull away from the firewall at this point.)
23) Remove screws from driver side vent and screws from the two half pieces to separate (don't miss the one in the center of the heater core assembly)
24) Remove the foam insulation from tubes being careful to keep from shredding(2 pieces, one on tube tips and one glued around tubes exiting side)
25) Separate box and swap cores.
26) Assemble box being careful to line up vents
27) Glue the foam around the new pipes and slide the one on the end.

28) Elongate firewall slots by cutting groove towards the driver side about 1/2" or slightly more then bend sheet metal towards engine compartment. (I used a saws all and a hammer and rod but a dremel should work.) Make sure not to hit anything in the engine compartment while doing this.
29) Replace heater box being careful not to damage new tubing in the opposite as it was removed. (may require a second set of hands).

30) Reverse assembly.
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