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1993 Nissan Civilian Review / Inquiry

Date:November 15, 2017, 1:17 am
Name, Location:Lorraine Pasipamire Bulawayo
Vehicle:Nissan Civilian
General comments:ood day\\r\\n\\r\\nKindly quote on the following for Nissan Civilian TD42 Bus\\r\\nChassis number-JNIUBHW41Z0022640\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nQNTY DESCRIPTION OF ITEM\\r\\n\\r\\n3 Priming pumps - TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n12 24v Heater Plugs\\r\\n3 Thermostats - TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n3 Fan switches - TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n3 Temperature sensors-TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n3 Radiator caps- TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n2 Power steering pumps-TD42 civilian\\r\\n4 Power steering belts-TD42 Nissan Civilia\\r\\n4 Alternator belts - TD 42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n4 Air filters - TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n2 Expansion tanks - TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n2 Gear shift cables - TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n2 Brake Master cylinders\\r\\n2 Clutch master cylinders- TD42 Nissan\\r\\n3 Spring bushes\\r\\n6 Track rod ball joints\\r\\n6 Front wheel bearings\\r\\n6 Rims for TD42 Nissan Civilian\\r\\n1 Front spring for Nissan Civilian TD42\\r\\n2 Rear spring for Nissan Civilian TD42\\r\\n\\r\\nKind regards\\r\\n\\r\\nLorraine Pasipamire\\r\\nSales and Marketing\\r\\n+263 774 455 324\\r\\n+263 9 881513-5
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Vehicle Review Nissan Civilian