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Nissan Patrol
1999 nissan patrol1999 nissan patrol1999 nissan patrol1999 nissan patrol1999 nissan patrol

not starting. 1999

Date:July 10, 2014, 12:36 am
Name:clint vlahakis
Location:Zambia, lusaka, lusaka
Vehicle:Nissan Patrol
Problems:im working on a nissan patrol with a rd28ti engine.. electronic fuel pump. i had to replace the fuel pump and the car will not start.. im not sure if i got the firing order correct.. 153624. and on the pump is list abcdef in rotation of firing order. so A is 1. B is 5 and so on. but the problem is where is number one piston is at. is it at the front of the engine or at the back near the flywheel. i have it as number one at the back where the flywheel is at. i know most engines is at the front. i have the timing correct from the workshop manual. and the pump is shooting out. but the engine will not run. i put new injectors. but still noting. please help me out..
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Nissan Patrol - Solving Car Problems