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Mazda Proceed Levante - Solving Car Problems

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DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Jan 12, 2018Timings are set but the crankshaft pulley is still lock1995 Mazda Proceed Levante
Richard meira
Papua New Guinea, National Capital lae, Port Moresby
Oct 12, 2017Computur box1999 Mazda Proceed LevanteMozambique
Maputo, Maputo
Jun 5, 2013Timing belt1997 Mazda Proceed LevanteFidelis Kupara
Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Harare
Feb 25, 2012Ignition coil packs worn out1996 Mazda Proceed LevanteTaurayi Mapfaza
Zimbabwe, Harare
Mar 18, 2010Engine1998 Mazda Proceed LevantePedro Mavula
Mozambique, Maputo

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Mazda Proceed Levante - Solving Car Problems