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computer needs setting I think 2001

Date:January 14, 2011, 2:46 pm
Name:Diane Jenkins
Location:United States, Alabama, Attalla
Vehicle:Lexus Rx350
Problems:Car battery dies after sitting more than 24 hours.
Had the battery checked They say it is o.k.
When putting a different battery in it. It does the same
The VSC light and another light and check engine light comes on from time to time. Then goes back off.
I can be running down the road and it sounds like the door
locks kick off and on. I think she is haunted.Ha.Ha.
A few weeks ago my nephew locked my keys in the car.We
attempted to break in to get them out, but that antitheft
wouldn't let us unlock the doors. We finally fished the
keys out of the car. But she has been acting funny ever
since.Could the computer need to be reset.
Previous car:Ford Mustang

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