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Lexus - Solving Car Problems

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DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Nov 8, 2018Lexus RX 3302003 Lexus Rx330Sam
Rwanda, kigali
Aug 5, 2018my car is but not starting1994 Lexus Gs300; 19941 gs 300danielw
Nigeria, lagos, badagry
Oct 2, 2017Problem to solve2006 Lexus Gs450hColin
United Kingdom, Ayrshire, Ayr
Jul 13, 2017wont start2003 Lexus Is200; nonephill
United Kingdom, derbyshire, england
Oct 13, 2016Lexus is 2002003 Lexus Is200; None
1 comment
Peter mcguckin
United Kingdom, Antrim
Aug 29, 2016engine2002 Lexus Is200; overheatingmujeed Muhammed
Nigeria, kogi state, lagos
Jun 26, 2016Truck turns on but won't start2000 Lexus Lx470Paula elliot
New Zealand, Auckland
May 29, 2014Will not Start2002 Lexus Es300Ron H
United States, Kentucky, Louisville
Apr 8, 2014sunroof2000 Lexus Es300mnewton
United States, pa., wynnewood
Mar 26, 2014Check engine and Icey roads lights are on2009 Lexus Is250Richard Ray
United States, Georgia, Cumming
Jan 20, 2014transmission don't respond when coming to a complete a stop1993 Lexus Gs300jay
United States, California, Chula Vista
Jan 20, 2014transmission don't respond when coming to a complete a stop1993 Lexus Gs300jay
United States, California, Chula Vista
Jan 19, 2014Windshield washer button2002 Lexus Ls430Jerry
United States, Wisconsin, La Crosse
Jan 19, 2014Windshield washer control button2002 Lexus Ls400Jerry
United States, Wisconsin, La Crosse
Dec 6, 2013fuel injectors1994 Lexus Gs300javier sauceda
United States, TX, LOS FRESNOS
Dec 3, 2013wont start1990 Lexus Ls400alan schoonover
United States, Arizona, tempe
Oct 1, 2013low idling n shutting whengas pedalis release2002 Lexus Es300
1 comment
f del rosa
Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg
Sep 26, 2013problem2002 Lexus Es300jean king
United States, wv, parkersburg
Sep 26, 2013Charging/Electrical1997 Lexus Ls400Mike Mitchell
United States, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Aug 27, 2013Problem code1351..2001 Lexus Rx300; Check engine and vsc/ trac off occur.Maly seng
Cambodia, Phnum Penh, Phnum P?nh
Jul 28, 2013Troubleshooting auto problem2000 Lexus Es300Mamie L. Mance
United States, South Carolina, Edgefield
Jun 6, 2013goes in reverse but not drive1996 Lexus Ls400harold green
United States, Virginia, portsmouth
May 5, 2013Overheating at idle1996 Lexus Ls400; NoneLarry
United States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Mar 21, 2013Won't start right up in the morning1999 Lexus Es300Vanessa Ayers
United States, Arizona, Phoenix
Mar 14, 2013noice from air condition blower2001 Lexus Rx300Al Muhammad
United States, California, Sacramento
Mar 10, 2013minorcomplians2005 Lexus Gx470ina omakwu
Nigeria, ABUJA, f ct
Mar 9, 2013Codes P0446/P04201999 Lexus Es300Daniel
United States, Texas, Amarillo
Feb 25, 2013Code 13512001 Lexus Rx300Willie
United States, New York, Springwater
Feb 17, 2013Car won't start2001 Lexus Rx300
1 comment
United States, Colorado, Colorado springs
Jan 11, 2013car melfuction2000 Lexus Rx300
1 comment
United States, Florida, Jacksonville

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Lexus - Solving Car Problems