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Honda Odyssey
1998 honda odyssey1998 honda odyssey1998 honda odyssey1998 honda odyssey1998 honda odyssey

automatic gear problem 1998

Date:June 6, 2018, 9:32 pm
Vehicle:Honda Odyssey
Problems:the automatic gear always give me problem by stopping selection and removing itself from gear. I bought another one it keep given me problem after two month but I change a speed sensor it started working again but also stop, even when repair it doesn't last.please how can you help me get a good automatic gear box? IS IT POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE TO CHANGE IT TO MANUAL GEAR BOX?I ACTUALLY ENJOY THE CAR BUT THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THE AUTO GEAR.HOW CAN YOU SEND ONE TO ME .I LIVE IN NIGERIA IN FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY ABUJA.I ALOSO NOTICE FUEL CONSUMPTION.
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Honda Odyssey - Solving Car Problems