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Used 1990 Toyota Vista Photos For Sale

The Toyota Vista was launched in 1982 as a sister nameplate to the Camry. The name was introduced to tie in with Toyota's Vista dealership network, and launched around the same time.

Unlike the Camry, which was available with a V6 engine, all generations were only available with a straight-4 engine that used either gasoline or diesel fuel.

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Used 1990 Toyota Vista Photos

1990 Toyota Vista

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Vista Troubleshooting
Accelerates on its own
1998, My Toyota Vista d4 engine accelerates on its
own without hitting the accelerator pedal when I
Car problem
2009, Car vibrate when on reverse gear and drive
gear after engine over heat due to radiator problem
Motor Fan
1996, The air condition motor fan not working and
making a screeching sound when vehicle is
moving. T...

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Each Vista model is essentially a Japanese-market Toyota Camry, with different front- and rear-end treatment; plus, while Camry is always a sedan, most Vistas up to V40 are hardtop. When the Camry was redesigned, so was the Vista. This pattern will continue until late 1996, when a new, larger, US-oriented Camry took over the "Camry" name (earlier this larger CX/CV platform was marketed in Japan as Scepter (MCV10) and Camry Gracia (MCV20/MCX20)). Then in August 1998 the last generation Vista would be redesigned, independent of the Camry.

The Vista first appeared April 1982 as a nicer trim level of the second generation Toyota Camry, and was sold exclusively at a new Toyota dealership channel with the same name, Vista. The bodystyles offered were the 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback with a 5-speed manual transmission initially the only offering, with an automatic transmission introduced later in August 1982. Trim levels were the VC, VL, VE, and the VX at the top. The official name of the vehicle was the Camry Vista. A glass moonroof was available on the top level VX, with the 2S-ELU engine.

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