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1999 Toyota RAUM Pictures, 1.5l., Gasoline, FF, Automatic For Sale

The Toyota Raum is a small, five-seat mini MPV that first appeared in May 1997. The second generation was released in May 2003. It is sold only in Japan. It is primarily marketed to elderly drivers, and its name derives from the vast amount of space it contains relative to its size.

Used Toyota RAUM


1999 Toyota RAUM Pictures

1999 Toyota RAUM

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RAUM Troubleshooting
Car problems
2005, Front passenger seat not folding down. The
seat could fold flat , then pull a lever to create
Engine fail to ignite. even after Jumpstart, the bat...
1999, Engine fail to ignite. even after Jumpstart,
the battery switches on but off on igniting. what
Electric Sliding Door
2004, I have the same problem with the sliding door
it doesn't open if the passenger door is close...

Photo Information (Width: 340px, Height: 255px, Size: 17Kb)

Displacement, cc:1500
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$7400

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  • Fist generation (05.1997-04.2003) - engine 5E-FE (Toyota E engine) chassis EXZ-10(FF) and EXZ-15 (4WD).
  • Second generation (05.2003-...) - engine 1NZ-FE (Toyota NZ engine)

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Pictures 1999 Toyota RAUM - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 1999 Toyota RAUM For Sale, 1.5l., Gasoline, FF, Automatic.