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2005 Toyota Probox Photos, 1.5, Gasoline, FF, Automatic For Sale

The Toyota Probox was introduced by Toyota in Japan in August 2002. It is a small wagon designed for commercial use as a delivery car, and closely related to the Toyota Succeed.

Body type Wagon

Drive Full 4WD

Transmission 5 speed manual

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2005 Toyota Probox Photos

Preview 2005 Toyota ProboxPreview ProboxPreview 2005 ProboxPreview Toyota Probox

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2005 Toyota Probox Photos

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Photo Information (Width: 319px, Height: 255px, Size: 10Kb)

Displacement, cc:1500
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$9367

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Displacement, 1496 cc

Exterior dimensions (LxWxH), 4195 x 1695 x 1515 mm

Interior dimensions (LxWxH), 1645 x 1405 x 1245 mm

Wheel base, 2550 mm

Treads (front/rear), 1450 mm/1455 mm

Ground clearance, 155 mm

Curb vehicle weight, 1110 kg

Gross vehicle weight,

Seating capacity, 5 persons

Doors 5

Min.turning radius,5.2 m

Fuel tank capacity, 50 L

Displacement, 1496 cc

Engine model 1NZ-FE

Max.power (Net), 105 PS (77 kW) at 6000 rpm

Max.torque(Net), 14.1 kgf·m (138 N·m) at 4200 rpm

Power density 10.57

Engine type Serial 4 cylinder DOHC

Engine information VVT-i

Fuel system EFI (electronic fuel injection)

Fuel type Unleaded regular gasoline

LEV system (Low emission vehicle) Yes

Compression ratio 10.5

Bore, 75 mm

Stroke, 84.7 mm

Power steering

Tires size: 165/80R13

Braking system, front : ventilated disk

rear drum (leading/trailing)

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Photos 2005 Toyota Probox - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 2005 Toyota Probox For Sale, 1.5, Gasoline, FF, Automatic.