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1985 Toyota DYNA Pictures For Sale

The Toyota Dyna is a light truck for commercial use. In the Japanese market, the Dyna is sold alongside its twin called Toyoace. The original Toyoace of 1956 was an improvement over the Toyota SKB Truck.


1985 Toyota DYNA Pictures

1985 Toyota DYNA

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DYNA Troubleshooting
2004, i recently took off the particulate filter
from exhaust system .that is the entire barrell . i
Diesel engine needed
1993, I need to find a diedel engine 3.0 for toyota
dyna 93 please help I can't find that anywhere ...
1999, The radiator keeps on leaking, from what i can
see it does not have enough protection. does anyone...

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1985 DYNA

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Toyota DYNA

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Toyota DYNA

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The Toyopet Route Truck RK52 was the roots of the Dyna.

RK60 ~ RK80

Second generation of Toyopet Route Truck, Designed by Kanto Auto Works, Ltd. The frame was shared with Toyopet RK23 pickup truck, after Toyota Stout.

Toyopet Route Truck was changed the name to Toyota Dyna, in April 1959. It is changing name in the middle of the life, and these are the same cars which a name switched.

The original semi-cab over Dyna was replaced by the new model K170 Series with leaner design in 1963.

U10 Series RU1# BU1# JU10 HU15 etc.

The engine for this series is either a 2.0 liter model R gasoline, or a I4 3.0 liter model B and I6 3.6 liter model H diesel. Short and Long Wheelbase Trucks, and Route Vans were available.

2 ~ 3 tonner

U20, U30, U40 & U50 Series ( 1977 - 1984 )

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