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2007 Toyota Belta Pictures, 1000cc., Gasoline, FF, Automatic For Sale

This article is about the Yaris sedan, for the Yaris hatchback, see Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Belta (referred to in North American and Australian markets as the Toyota Yaris sedan or Toyota Vios in South Asian markets) is a subcompact sedan manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation. It is basically a redesigned and sportier version of the discontinued Toyota Platz, and is similar to the Toyota Vitz. The Belta went on sale in 2006 equipped with 1.0 to 1.3 L engines (in Japan), and in 2007 in North America equipped with a 1.5 L I4. In an effort to boost sales and gain popularity among youths, Toyota has created a MySpace profile of its North American Yaris/Belta vehicle as part of its advertising campaign.

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2007 Toyota Belta Pictures

Preview 2007 Toyota BeltaPreview BeltaPreview 2007 BeltaPreview Toyota BeltaPreview Toyota Belta
Preview Toyota Belta

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2007 Toyota Belta Pictures

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Belta Troubleshooting
When terminal is cleaned and put back in the battery...
2006, When the battery terminal is cleaned and put
back in the battery the car cannot idle and goes off...
Check engine light is on
2006, car is running smoothly but it's check
engine light is on. No problem is felt. Kind advise
Delay to start
2008, Have belta for almost 3 years now. About 9
most now it has been getting a problem to start. I

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Displacement, cc:1000
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$11100

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The Vitz and the Belta share underpinnings with each other. However, while the Vitz was designed at Toyota's European design studios, the Belta was designed at Toyota's Japanese design studios – two completely different design projects for similar cars marketed toward different demographics. While the outgoing Vitz and Platz models look and feel virtually alike (the only things the cars do not share is the front clip, lights, rear doors, and bodies from behind the B-pillar), the new Vitz and Belta are much more subtly related. Sharing a similar but different dashboard, they do not employ the same components. The cars only share a frame and the drivetrain options. The sheetmetal is completely different. The Belta has increased in size over the previous generation, its interior volume larger than the 2001-2008 generation Toyota Corolla.

The Canadian version of the Yaris sedan, which is simply called the Yaris, is based on the American Yaris S with power and all-weather guard packages, but with standard 14inch wheels. Option packages comes in one of B, C, D, or Aero packages. The B adds 15inch all-season tires, chrome trim on the decklid, front and rear splash guards, colour-keyed door handles, blacked-out side window frames, keyless entry and power door locks; the C adds ABS, air conditioning, power windows, colour-keyed mirrors and power mirrors; the D adds both side and side-curtain airbags; the Aero adds aluminum alloy wheels, wheel locks, a rear spoiler, and a body kit. The Aero, however, has neither air conditioning nor side airbags. The Canadian model lacks the two-tone interior, pseudo-metallic trim on the door panels, and the new audio system controls (instead it uses an old design) found on the Japanese and American models.

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Used 2007 Toyota Belta For Sale, 1000cc., Gasoline, FF, Automatic.