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Used 1994 Pontiac Firebird Photos, 3400cc., Gasoline, FR or RR, Automatic For Sale

The Pontiac Firebird was built by the Pontiac division of General Motors between 1967 and 2002. The Firebird was introduced the same year as its platform-sharing cousin, the Chevrolet Camaro. This coincided with the release of the 1967 Mercury Cougar, which shared its platform with another pony car, the Ford Mustang.

Used Pontiac Firebird

The Firebird has 3 performance choices; a 3.8-liter, 200-hp V6, a 5.7-liter, 305-hp V8 and 5.7-liter, 320-hp V-8. Choose between a 5-speed manual, a 6-speed manual, or a 4-speed automatic. ABS comes standard.


Used 1994 Pontiac Firebird Photos

Preview 1994 Pontiac FirebirdPreview FirebirdPreview 1994 FirebirdPreview Pontiac Firebird

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1994 Pontiac Firebird Photos

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2000, When i get on highway car doesnt want to
excellerate. It hits 70 and smoke comes out. It
starts to...
Intake manifold gaskets needed replaced
2001, Overall the car has been great transportation
it is my wife's car it has 127,000 miles on it and r...

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Displacement, cc:3400
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FR or RR
Approximate cost (price):$14521

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The vehicles were, for the most part, powered by various V8 engines of different GM divisions. While primarily Pontiac-powered until 1977, Firebirds were built with several different engines from nearly every GM division until 1982 when all Pontiac engines were dropped in favor of corporate units.

The first generation Firebirds had a characteristic "coke-bottle" styling. Unlike its cousin, the Chevrolet Camaro, its bumpers were integrated into the design of the front end and its rear "slit" taillights were inspired by the Pontiac GTO. Both a two-door hardtop coupe and a convertible were offered through the 1970 model year (the next generation, minus the convertible, being announced as 1970½ models). Originally the car was a "consolation prize" for Pontiac, who had initially wished to produce a two-seat sports car of its own design, based on the original Banshee concept car. However, GM feared such a vehicle would directly compete with Chevrolet's Corvette, and the decision was made to give Pontiac a piece of the pony car market by having them share the F-body platform with Chevrolet. Somewhat disappointed at management's decision, Pontiac went about re-making the F-body in their own image with both styling and engineering changes.

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Photos 1994 Pontiac Firebird - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 1994 Pontiac Firebird For Sale, 3400cc., Gasoline, FR or RR, Automatic.