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2010 Nissan Teana Photos, 2.5, Gasoline, FF, CVT For Sale

The Nissan Teana (Japanese: 日産・ティアナ) is a front wheel drive full-size automobile produced by Nissan of Japan, introduced in 2003. It is exported as the Nissan Maxima and Nissan Cefiro to certain markets, not to be confused with the Nissan Maxima sold in North America (with which it shares its platform). It shares a platform with the North American Maxima and Nissan Altima, as well as the Japanese market Presage.

Used Nissan Teana


2010 Nissan Teana Photos

Preview 2010 Nissan TeanaPreview TeanaPreview 2010 TeanaPreview Nissan TeanaPreview Nissan Teana
Preview Nissan TeanaPreview Nissan TeanaPreview Nissan TeanaPreview Nissan TeanaPreview Nissan Teana

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2010 Nissan Teana Photos

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Displacement, cc:2500
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$29213

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The Teana was first introduced in late 2003 to the Japan Domestic Market. It was introduced a month later to other Asian markets like Singapore. In 2004, the car arrived on European shores. Powering the Teana was either a 1998cc,2349cc or 3498cc engine which matched to the automatic transmission. Trim levels were 200JK, 230JK, 230JM and 350JM. The car was based on the Nissan FF-L platform. In mid-2005, the Teana received chrome trimming on the bumpers,enlarged foglights, front legrests and newly-designed gauges. The car was also shortened slightly. XTronic CVT was also mated to all the engines.

In the People's Republic of China, the Teana was manufactured by the Dongfeng Motor Company, a joint venture with Nissan. In the neighbouring country of Pakistan, the Teana was known as the Cefiro and was assembled in Karachi. In Taiwan it was manufactured by Yulon Motor. Additionally, it is sold in India, Russia, Ukraine as well as in New Zealand and Australia where it competes with the locally produced Mitsubishi 380 and Toyota Aurion under the Maxima badge. The first generation Teana was also assembled in Thailand for sale in the ASEAN market, competing with similar D-segment cars such as the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry.

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Photos 2010 Nissan Teana - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 2010 Nissan Teana For Sale, 2.5, Gasoline, FF, CVT.