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1999 Honda Avancier Photos, Gasoline, FF, Automatic For Sale

The Honda Avancier is a 5-seat minivan, sold exclusively in the Japanese market.

The Avancier's concept is similar to the Renault Vel Satis and the Opel Signum—based on the Honda Accord's platform, its tall height allows for an interior more spacious than the Accord sedan or station wagon. The gear shifter has also been moved to the center console, allowing passengers to walk between the front and rear seats. While the rear seats aren't captain seats, they can individually recline and the center seat features a hidden table.

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1999 Honda Avancier Photos

Preview 1999 Honda AvancierPreview AvancierPreview 1999 AvancierPreview Honda Avancier

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1999 Honda Avancier Photos

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Avancier Troubleshooting
Transmission slipping into lower gears
2000, 2000, transmission gear slipping into lower
gear. Gear 1 and 2 no longer working. Car cannot go
Transmission slipping in lower gears
2000, When starting to drive the car won't go
into 1st and 2nd gear smoothly it seems like it
2000, Fuel injectors flooding all the time and
alternator not working properly so car running on

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Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$9220

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Announced in September 1999, the Avancier was available with a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine, or a 3-liter V6. Both were only available with automatic gearboxes; at the time of launch Honda said the 3-liter is the first Honda with a five-speed automatic gearbox. An Intelligent Highway Cruise Control system, which uses a radar to determine and maintain distance with the car in front, is optional for the V6. All-wheel drive is available for the 2.3-liter.

It appears that as of late 2003, production of the Avancier has ceased due to poor sales. The Avancier was very reliable.

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