2007 toyota vitz
2007 toyota vitz
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fuel efficiency not there then do this 2007

Date:July 29, 2011, 2:55 pm
Name, Location:babar pakistan
Vehicle:Toyota Vitz
General comments:driving a jap car in Pakistan is more high maintenance then it looks to keep the car running right you have to keep the fluids right change oil keep air right in tires due to our dusted winds none of the filters can last as long as it says they should be change more often then it should which makes your car more high maintenance ....
What things have gone wrong with the car:vitz 2007and 8 most customer complain its not fuel efficient well there are some things you can do to make the car more efficient \r\n1change oil on time \r\n2 filters need to be change on time \r\n3 use only high octane fuel to make the shifting more swifter \r\n4 check tyre air randomly make sure its not low or too high according to the weather \r\n5 transmission oil should be change if you just purchase the car or check make sure its full and in good condition \r\n6 do not use high grades on tyre use factory default \r\n7 replacing alloys dont mean replacing tyres size to make the car look muscular it will increase the average and also put load on your auto transmission \r\n 8 1000cc vitz is very sensitive when driving on not smooth road its not for long runs with bad road co0nditions try avoiding .\r\n9 wheel alignment is very important to keep the fuel average right so get your car align \r\n10
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