1992 toyota previa
1992 toyota previa
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Previa LE Toyota 92 1992

Date:June 5, 2006, 2:45 am
Name, Location:Bernard Lamarche
Vehicle:Toyota Previa
Modification:Previa LE automatic
General comments:**** I want to replace the 2 front fenders and the 2 back wheel fenders and the back hatch however I cannot get the parts since all the wreckers have no Previa . Hence I have deducted that no one gets ride of their vehicle even if they are 12 yrs old or totalled. If anyone has a tip as where I can get the latter parts I would be very happy to keep it much longer.

**** I currently owned a misty silver grey 1992 Previa LE automatic that I purchased new some 14 yrs ago.
What things have gone wrong with the car:1- One of the problems I have has been with the a/c. I have had replaced 2 times and very expensive.It is not working or cooling the vehicle. I guess it is the compressor.

2- The other problem is the overhead fan system in the roof it is making a lot of noise but working ok.I do not know what the problem might be since I took apart and oiled it and still same noise.

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