Toyota Passo Reviews

SubjectDescriptionName and LocationPhotoDate
No electric power in the coil pack2010 Toyota Passosuwedi Blantyre MalawiOct 11, 2019
Engine Knocking while hot after some running2009 Toyota PassoNadeem KarachiOct 1, 2017
My key less remote is showing red light due to which my car is not starting2007 Toyota Passo; NoneIdrees hassan khushal house ashrafia colony eidgah road peshawarSep 24, 2017
Looking for gear box toyota passo 2007 model2007 Toyota PassoMhou HarareDec 26, 2016
how to use emergency key2004 Toyota PassoMachava from MozmabiqueAug 11, 2016
No one can find problem2006 Toyota Passo; 1000ccDessisJul 13, 2016
Random Shut off/Od light flashing (No code when scanned)2004 Toyota PassoGavin, Spanish TownJul 7, 2016
ecu image2007 Toyota Passobenson kenyaJul 18, 2014
Car Computer issue2011 Toyota Passo; None
1 comment
Iqbal Ahmad, Lahore,Punjab, PakistanJun 10, 2014
Car Computer issue2011 Toyota Passo; NoneIqbal Ahmad, Lahore,Punjab, PakistanJun 10, 2014
powerdoor2005 Toyota Passojohn; surinameFeb 21, 2014
Does a Passo need a fuel filter change?2006 Toyota Passo
1 comment
Pet, KisumuJan 25, 2014
air bag control unit damaged from water flooding2009 Toyota Passo; noneMihusnoo from MauritiusDec 1, 2013
i didn\'nt found gear shift lock button2008 Toyota Passoimran karachiAug 23, 2013
Ac filter2008 Toyota PassoSalam frm hydJul 23, 2013
car problemno2004 Toyota Passoranjan aucklandMay 15, 2013
More fuel consumption2005 Toyota Passo; NO
Sarwar, BangladeshDec 20, 2012