2005 toyota mark x
2005 toyota mark x
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Engine can't start 2005

Date:April 5, 2018, 1:23 pm
Name, Location:Brian and zambian
Vehicle:Toyota Mark X
Modification:Mark x
General comments:Can't start
What things have gone wrong with the car:This car ,does not get the some accessories on and the dashboard does not come on ,either hense no starting, initially, when I came back from a shot drive I parked the car showing the the lever on park meanwhile, it was showing reverse, on the dashboard gear selector indicator,and it could not start,therefore we jacked the car and repositioned the gear selector on the transmission, and movement for both a lever and a selector linkage on the transmission, in readiness to start the car.And the unfortunate part was the car failed to start until we changed the battery, therefore it started, later after everything stopped working,right now there is no flow of current to all the ignition fuses from both inside and outside of the car,only ignition,there is power flowing from the supply to the fuse boxes ,so am stuck,
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